Elmo Tutu Wreath

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Well after making my first wreath I just couldn’t stop myself.  My cousin has an Elmo birthday party planned for her daughter and I thought that an Elmo Tutu Wreath would be the perfect touch to her party decorations.

So here is what I started with.  I took another foam wreath that I got from Hobby Lobby and covered it with tulle.  After using 5 rolls of tulle I was able to get it looking full and bright.











Once I got my wreath covered the fun really got started.  I pulled out a few Nagorie Feather Pads, some Sequin Bows, Marabou Puffs, and Vintage Buttons, all items that I have gotten from Lisa’s website, of course!  I also purchased a wooden number 2 from Hobby Lobby.  After playing with all my little goodies I picked a few special ones out that I wanted to put on my wreath and I started embellishing.

The first thing I decided to use was the Marabou Puffs.  However I didn’t want to just stick them on there.  So I decided to make a few Yo Yo flowers.  Using a few scraps of red, black, and white fabric I cut out 3 circles, in 3 different sizes.  Using a simple stitch I stitched around the outside of the circle with the pattern of the fabric facing away from me.









Once you have finished sewing all the way around your circle pull your thread tight.  At this point you can tie off your thread and you’re finished, however I like to make sure that my flower is really secure.  So once I have pulled it tight I go back an sew across my fabric that is gathered in the middle.  This just makes the center a bit tighter and more secure, in my opinion.  Now do the same with your other two circles, once you are done they should look something like this.









After I finished my flowers I started arranging them on the wreath with my Marabou puffs.  First I placed the Marabou puffs down and glued them into place.  Then I took my Yo Yo Flowers and arranged them on top of the puffs and glued them in place.  Lastly I added my vintage buttons to each of the flowers jut to finish them off.











Now that the flowers and puffs were in place I moved down to the opposite corner and started working on the number 2.   I decided to cover the 2 in glitter.  Another great idea I found on Pinterest! :)   It was pretty simple, I covered the number in mod podge then sprinkled it with black glitter.












Once that coat was dry I decided to add a second coat, I wanted to make sure it was really well covered.  So I took a can of Clear Acrylic gloss coating and sprayed it all over the 2 then I covered it in glitter again.  Just a little side note, I did this step outside because the smell of the spray was so strong.  Once that layer was dry I sprayed the number one last time.  However, this time I didn’t add another layer of glitter.  I just waned to make sure that any glitter on top of the number would stay on there and not flake off.  After letting it dry for about an hour or so I placed it on my wreath.  With the number sitting there all alone it started to look so sad and lonely, so of course I had to add something to it.  So I took my Nagorie Feather Pad that I had been trying to decide what to do with it.  This particular feather pad had one little feather that was a little darker then all the other feathers.  Nothing horrible, you could tell that it just took the dye a bit differently then the others.  So I decided to take the pad apart and take out the darker feather.

Taking your feather pads apart is pretty simple to do and it’s a great way to make your feather pads go a little further.  I’m going to tell you first what I did, then I will show a few pictures that I took while I was doing it.  The first thing I did was turn the pad over.  I’m going to work on pealing off the fabric pad that is glued to the feather.  Once I have the fabric off I start working on taking the glue that is stuck to the feathers.  If you work slowly and carefully you will be able to take all the glue off with out damaging the feather.  Once the glue is off the feathers will come apart.  The only place that will be a bit harder to come apart will be at the very bottom of your pad where the first three feathers are glued together.








































Now that I had my feather pad taken apart I took the three single feather and arranged them in a small fanned out shape and hot glued them together.  Then I took my Red Sequin bow and placed it toward the bottom of my feathers.  Once I had the bow where I wanted it I cut off the bottom of the feathers that were hanging past the bow.  This just gave it a finished look, and make it look as though it was all one piece.  Then I attached it to the number 2 and hot glued it to the wreath.











The last thing I am planning on doing to the wreath is possibly adding a small Elmo doll  to the center of the wreath.  That is if I can find one!! lol  However, for now it is all finished!











I had so much fun making this Elmo Tutu Wreath , I see many more in my future!!












For items used in this tutorial visit Lisa’s website.  Www.Mysunshineshoppe.com



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