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Well after making my Elmo Tutu Wreath I decided to make a cute little dress to match, and what dress is complete without a cute feathered hair bow?  So I uses the left over feathers from my wreath to make a great hair clip with an alligator clip.  Here is what I ended up with.











Of course I didn’t think about making a tutorial out of this great feathered hair bow until after I finished making it, so what I decided to do was make another one.  Your little one can never have too many bows, right?! :)   So lets get started.

Here are the things that I used in making this alligator clip.








To start with I took my Nagorie Feather pad and flipped it over.  Starting from the bottom tip I began removing the fabric from the feathers.  Now at this point I am only concerned with taking the fabric off the back, leaving the glue attached to the feathers.  Once I have the fabric removed, I then moved on to taking the glue off of the feathers.  This is probably the most time consuming part of this project, but taking your time is well worth it.  If you carefully work with your feathers you will be able to get the glue off with out tearing up your feathers.




























Once I have all of my feathers apart I picked out 3 of my best looking ones.  They actually all looked really great once I pulled them apart, I just pick 3 that sat well together.  So I took my three feathers and placed them together in a fan.  Then one at a time I started gluing them together.  I put a thin line of glue a bout 1/4 of the way down the spine of the feather and glued my feathers together.  Once all my feathers were glued together I got my Sequin bow and glued it on to my feathers.

















As you can see my feathers hang a bit past my bow.  This is the reason that I glued quite a bit of the bottom of the feather.  I am going to cut off the bottom of the feather so it looks as though the feathers and the bow are one whole piece.  However, you have got to be very careful when doing this.  You don’t want your feather to start coming apart.  So what I did was first decide how I wanted it to sit on my clip.  I don’t want to second guess placement once I have the glue on it.  Once I know where on the clip it is going to go I cut the bottom of the feathers off.  Then right where I cute the feathers I add a line of glue.  This will keep your feather from coming apart, then I place it on to my clip.  Then I check it over and glue down any parts that are coming up away from the clip.

















Once you have it glued in place you will have a beautiful Feathered Hair Bow for that special girl in your life.











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  1. regena Foster on Sat, 17th Nov 2012 5:23 pm 

    where can i buy feathers like this

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