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So it seems that more then half the people I know are expecting and throwing baby showers, and I have been looking at different ideas for Baby Shower decorations and Party Favors.  I think that I have come up with a great little idea that could be used as a great party favor at any baby shower!












To get started on this great project you will need a few things.

A can with a pop top lid and a bottom rim that you can use a can opener on.

A smooth edge can opener

Hot glue gun


Scrap-booking paper and embellishments that match

Lastly, you need goodies to put in your can, it can be pretty much anything from candy to small personal items, as long as it can fit into your can.


These are the cans that I chose to start with.









Now picking your can is very important.  At first I thought I could just use any can with a pop top, but I was wrong….Image, me wrong, HA…Just don’t tell my husband I said that! lol  Anyhow, what you need to look for is a can with a rim at the bottom that you can open with your smooth edge can opener.  If your not sure exactly what that is, it simply is just a can opener that doesn’t cut the can open.  It just works the top off of the can leaving you with smooth edges, (hint’s the name)  :) Now like I said before, it doesn’t work on all the cans.  My first thought was to start saving my cans of cream of chicken, cause I use them all the time, but if you look at that can you will see that there isn’t really a “rim” on that can, it’s almost like it’s all one piece and the can opener won’t open it.  So be mindful when you are buying your cans for this project.

I started by taking the wrapper off of the can and washing out the can once it was emptied.









Now this can measures about 3 inches wide.  When I measured the can I measured the space between the the lips of the rims.  I wanted to make sure that my paper sat nice and flat against the can. Once I had my paper cut I wrapped it around my can just to make sure that it wasn’t too wide before I glued it down.  Then I used my tape runner to adhere my paper.  Instead of putting adhesive on all the paper right away, I just put a few strips on one end and lined it up on my can.  Then I put adhesive on the paper as I went until I got to the end.

Here is what it ended up looking like.










Now the fun really begins!!  You really don’t need too much to decorate the can.  In fact you could just tie a few pieces of ribbon through the pop top and leave it with just the paper.  Of course I couldn’t just do that! :) So what I did was cut a piece of Black Diamond Mesh to add to the bottom of my can.  Then I used a Marabou Puff, topped with a Chiffon Bow, and glued it to the side of my can.











The last thing I decided to do was add a piece of paper to the top of my can.  I think it really gave the can a finished look.  I used the bottom of my can as the template, traced it on my scrapbooking paper and cut just inside my traced line.











The last thing that needs to be done is to add the goodies to your can and glue on the bottom.  When I glued the bottom on I just put hot glue on opposite sides of the can.  You will need to work quickly, with putting hot glue on the cold metal it does dry a bit faster, which makes it a little harder for your lid to fit correctly.


The great thing about this project is it can be customized to any party theme and it’s a great inexpensive project.


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