Tips on how to make a tulle wreath

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This past week I have been playing with some colored bird cage veil that I got from Lisa’s shop, and I came up with a few projects I made using it.  The first thing I made, and I think my favorite so far, was a wreath for my door.  I wanted to share a few tips on how to make this tulle wreath.

To make this wreath I started with a foam ring from Hobby Lobby, 5 to 6 rolls of tulle, 25 yards of tulle for each roll, in colors of your choice.  As for the embellishments, there are many things that you can use to decorate your wreath with.  I decided to use the letter H, a few satin mesh flowers and hot pink bird cage veil that I got from the SunshineShoppe.








Making this wreath is pretty straight forward and simple.  I started out buy cutting pieces of tulle 22 inches long.  Now If you want your wreath to be smaller, not as wide, as the one that I have made then I would suggest cutting your tulle shorter.  Just make sure that you have enough to tie around your foam and still have a little bit left to hang over.









Once I have all my tulle cut the fun really begins.  I set up my tulle in a line, lining them up in the order that they will be tied on to the wreath.  Then start tying.  I found that taking two pieces of tulle instead of just one piece make the wreath look fuller.  So I tie two pieces around the wreath, tying them into a knot, until I have filled up the wreath.  Once you are finished it should look something like this…











Now I am ready to embellish.  :)  Here is what I decided to use to embellish my wreath.











I decided to take the bird cage veil and wrap it from the top left side of the H down to the bottom right side of the H.  Then I glued the satin mesh flowers on the bottom right of the H and tucked any left over tulle under the flowers, just enough so it peaked out just a bit from behind the flowers.











Once I had the H looking just the way I wanted it I got ready to place it on to my wreath.  I always like to play with the placement before I glue anything down.  There is nothing worse then gluing something down and stepping back and finding you don’t like where you placed it.  So once I decided where I wanted it, I glued it in place.  I just LOVE the way it turned out!!!









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