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I have SO much ribbon and am always asking myself, ” where can I find better ribbon organizers?”  I think I may be searching forever.

Through the years, and obssessive ribbon hoarding, I have tried many different ribbon organizers.  There was the dowel hanging from the bottom of shelves….

I quickly out grew that. Plus, if you use the ribbon once, the ribbon hangs down and starts to unravel, one spool at a time. I just can’t have that.

Then there was the random ribbon spools stuffed into tupperware containers. Yeah…… that didn’t work out so well. I also have boxes full of random ribbon that is stacking up on shelves.

How about those ribbon organizers that you spend fortunes on at the craft stores? They work great until you realize that you have to spend HOURS rolling ribbon into little tiny spaces. And when it runs out and it is time to replace the ribbon, I am too lazy to spool it all back up, so it sits ONTOP of the ribbon organizers. IN FACT THIS IS WHAT I AM STILL DOING!!

Or there are those ones that you put the ribbon inside the box and pull each ribbon through a hole. Yish – too uncoordinated for me.

I have even seen DIY instructions for making ribbon organizers out of egg cartons. Well, I just have too much ribbon and don’t eat enough eggs to do this.

I am thinking that one of the best ribbon organizers for me is no ribbon organizer at all. I am seriously contemplating buying on of these and carefully lining each roll nicely into each drawer.  Not sure what to do with all the loose ribbon quite yet, but it’s a start!


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  1. Sarah on Mon, 2nd May 2011 12:03 am 

    I have so much loose ribbon as well!!! What I have done is hung ribbon across two eyelet screws in the wall and have attached the ribbon with mini bulldog clips to the ribbon (or string) whatever you like to use. This way I can see exactly what ribbon I have and it hangs down neatly against the wall. It works great for me.

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