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Sometimes choosing the right picture is essential for a page layout.  You may have a perfect layout in mind, however, the picture doesn’t really go with the feel of the page. Ever been there? As an avid scrapbooker, I have been there many times.  The great thing about modern photography is that no matter what your picture looks like when you took it, it can be changed!  And in my case – changed to fit your page idea.  I took some time to alter a picture in a few different ways to explain my madness . . .

The original picture. Good focus on subject(s), but you may be limited on your paper selections, right?

Scrapbooking photography

Sepia. One of my favorite alterations. This one, however, always makes me feel like I need to use antique paper/themes.

Scrapbooking Photography

Black and white. Classic.  The page layout could be just about anything.

Scrapbooking Photography

Cropping – portrait or landscape.  Gone are the days of picking up your pictures from the developer and being stuck with how you took them. Now you can crop your heart out to make it perfect for it’s purpose.  This is the main reason why I do all of my developing at home.

Scrapbooking PhotographyScrapbooking Photography

Color and black and white. My new favorite.  My photo program has this great feature to pick what parts of the picture you want in color and which parts in black and white. Most new programs have this feature, it just takes a little time to learn to use it correctly.

Scrapbooking Photography

Blurry. Hmm . . .not sure how to use this one yet, but I have seen pages in magazine that used blurred pictures and I loved them. The jury is still out on this one.

Scrapbooking Photography

Tinting. You can adjust the hue of the picture to any color in the rainbow. here I chose to give it a purple hue. Great idea if you have  a layout in mind with a certain color scheme that you want to match your picture.

Scrapbooking Photography

So, the point is that 1 picture can be used in so many ways (often times on more than 1 layout without anyone even realizing it). These examples are only the start once you dig into a good program.  I personally use Creative Memories Memory Manager 2.0 because this is the one I’m the most comfortable using.  I have fiddled with Adobe photo shop which many people swear by, I’m just not ready to learn a new system quite yet. Someday.


2 Comments on "Scrapbooking Photography"

  1. Janet Hustad on Thu, 29th Jan 2009 2:02 pm 

    Lisa, what photo program do you use to let some parts be B&W and others in color? I’m curious.

    ps Brooklyn is beautiful.


  2. Stephanie Basol on Wed, 15th Jul 2009 7:26 pm 

    I love your blog!! Its giving me great ideas on how Taylor and I could possibly make our own wedding invites! I will have to check it again!

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