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With the birth of our second child just a mere month ago, I found myself looking back through our first child’s baby books. For our son, I scrapbooked a baby album in addition to a “Friday Album”. In the Friday album, I scrapped weekly photos that I took of him on every Friday since he was born for 1 year.  I plan to give our daughter the same albums – the weekly album (hers will be a Monday album of course) and of course a more traditional baby book. When I say traditional I mean it features some of the same content you would write in one of those standard baby books, but everything is scrapped. Here’s a list of the pages I included in my son’s baby album.

1. Arrival day – this is the front page and included his birth announcement and specifics about his birth

2-3. My First day here. This page included his “stats” and a letter I wrote to him shortly after his birth.

4-5. My First Visitors

6. My first bath

7. My mom and dad. On this page I wrote a little about my husband and I, how we met, our history, etc.

8-9. My grandparents and great grandparents. Again, information about them, their history,etc.

10. What things cost in 2005. The prices of different things around the time he was born (ie: formula, milk, movie ticket, stamp, daycare, diapers,etc.)

11. My first photo shoot. At two weeks we had professional shots done. I haven’t done this with my daughter yet!

Baby Scrapbook Page

12-13. Me and the puppies. Pictures with the baby and our pooches.

14-15. My baptism

baby Scrapbook pages

16. My home. A picture of the home where he lived in his first year of life.

17. Family. A great group shot of our closest family.

18. Jumpy Bouncy Fun. One of his favorite toys – his jumper/bouncy!

19. Yum! My first foods. When he ate his first solid food.

baby scrapbook pages

20-21. Let’s Roll. Documentation of his first foll over.

22. I love toes. Pics of him chewing on his toes! Yum!

23. a.k.a. all of his cute nicknames during his first year.

24. Who do I look like? Comparison pictures of him and my husband and me.

25. First tooth. It took me a while to get that shot!

26-27. See it Taste it. That silly phase where everything goes in there mouth. Cute pictures came out of this. I just started looking though many shots and found tons of them with stuff shoved in his mouth.

28. Small talk. First words

29. My daycare friends

30-31. My first Birthday party.

32. My first haircut. I even saved a lock of hair on this page!

33. What I can do. Documentation of certain milestones. (ie; crawling, sitting, walking,etc.)

34. Rotavirus. His first hospitalization – yuck!

35. My sleep habits. When he started sleeping through the night, etc.

baby scrapbook pages

36. Play time! A list of favorite toys

37-38. Look how much I’ve grown. A series of pics going from birth to 18 months. It’s amazing to see the changes all put together.

39-40. Favorite foods. Once he started eating solids of course.

Looking through this album makes me excited to get started on my daughter’s albums! Did I forget any milestones? If anyone has any ideas about more/different pages for a baby album , post a comment and let me know!


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  1. maranda mcdougall on Fri, 17th Jul 2009 1:37 am 

    Thanks for the ideas….

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