Shabby and Chic Zebra Pants

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I have a great new product that I have been playing with this week.  It is this great shabby and chic grass trim that I got from My Sunshine Shoppe.  For this tutorial I decided to try something new.  I wanted to make a pair of petite chiffon trimmed pants.  I am in no means a sewer, however I wish now that I was.  I found a great little pair of zebra pants at Hobby Lobby and decided that I was going to add my trim to it.



What you will need for this project is….

Pants of your choice, color and size.

Grass trim to match

Felt to match your grass trim

Fabric glue



Hot glue gun










Now for my own pants I decided to add a strand of beaded trim that I also found at Hobby Lobby..It’s a little hard to see in the finished product but it looks great with the grass trim.


Now lets get started, the first thing I decided to do was fold up the hem of my pants.  I want them to be a little shorter then they are originally made so that the beads that I added would hang right at the ankle.  So what i did was turn them inside out.  Then I folded the bottom up about 1 inch and glued it down with my fabric glue.  Now for all you sewers out there you could just sew it in place.  Both ways work well, it’s really up to you whether you want to glue it in place or sew it.

Then I measured how much grass trim that I needed for one pant leg.  My pants measured 10 1/2 inches around.  Depending on where you get your pants and how they are made or what size you got your measurements may not be the same.  After cutting my grass trim to size I turned it over and cut away the extra tulle that the trim is sewed on to.








Then I cut a strip of white felt 2 1/2 inches wide and about 11 inches long.  I hot glued the felt on the the back of the grass trim leaving the 1/2 inch of felt hanging off one end.  You will see why I did this in a bit.  Now once I have both pieces of trim cut and backed with felt I added my beaded trim.  I cut it to 10 1/2 inches and hot glued it to the edge of the grass trim so that it hung from the bottom edge, as shown in the image below.









When you flip it over it will look like this.








Now we are going to apply the trim to the pants.  What I decided to do, since this was my first time to try this, I started on the inside seam of the pants.  Now make sure that you have turned your pants right side out. :)  I take the end of the trim that has the extra felt hanging over.  Then line up the edge of the TRIM not the felt with the seam of the pants.  Then I did a small line of hot glue along the seam just to adhere the trim in place.  Your pants should look something like this.








Now that I have it glued in place I glued about 2 inches at a time.  I applied fabric glue to the felt and a small amount of hot glue and pressed it against the pants, giving it a few moments to dry in place before I moved on to the next piece.  Keep making your way around the pant leg until you have about 1 1/2 inches left.  At this point I made sure to glue down the over hang of felt to the pants, then I lined up the rest of the trim to make sure that is it not too long or hopefully too short.

Once I know that I have enough to cover what is left I apply the fabric glue and hot glue to the last piece and glue it in place.  Once that is done I just go back over the trim to make sure that the seam is all glued down, and there are no pieces that are unattached to the pants or coming up any where.









Now all that is left to do is finish off the second pant leg and then you have your very own home made Shabby and Chic Pants.

Stay tuned for a great little shirt to match these petite chiffon pants!!

Folding Ribbon Roses

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Have you seen the beautiful ribbon roses that everyone has been using and want to know how they are made?  Well you have come to the right place!!  This tutorial is all about folding ribbon roses.

What you will need….

24 inches of satin ribbon atleast 1 inch thick

Hot glue gun


Folding Ribbon Roses

To get started you are going to hold about 1 inch of ribbon in your left hand.  With your ribbon laying on your right side.  With your right hand your are going to twist your ribbon twice and pinch the ribbon between your thumb and index finger.

Next with your right hand fold your ribbon back, away from you, and tuck the top seam of  your ribbon between your index finger and the twisted ribbon.

Once you have done that you are going to rotate the ribbon in your left hand to the right two times.  Place a small amount of glue in the crease.

Next we are going to start folding ribbon roses.  While pinching the bud of your rose in your left hand take the ribbon in your right hand and fold the top seam back and away from you.

Pinch the ribbon that you folded back between your index finger and thumb then give it a small half turn.  Repeat the above step once more then place a small amount of glue in the crease that is facing you.

You will continue the same folding technique once more time and glue in place.  Now you will move your ribbon, that has been pinched between your finger and thumb, and place it so it is laying flat in your hand with the tail of your ribbon going between your index finger and middle finger.

With your ribbon paces in between your fingers it will be easier to hold your flower in place as you continue to fold, turn and glue your flower.  You will continue folding your top seam of your ribbon back, and bring it around to meet with the bottom of your rose.  Pinch the ribbon that you have folded and the rose between your index finger and thumb of your right hand.  Give the rose a half turn and place it back in your hand.  You are going to place a small dab of glue between the rose and the last fold.

Continue folding the ribbon rose and glueing it until you come to the end of your ribbon.  Once you make your last fold, you will glue the end of your ribbon under your rose.  Trim the extra tail and glue it down so that the underside of your rose is flat.

This may take a little practice but the more you try it the better you will get at it.  Before you know it you will be folding ribbon roses for all of your projects.

Ribbon Organizers

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I have SO much ribbon and am always asking myself, ” where can I find better ribbon organizers?”  I think I may be searching forever.

Through the years, and obssessive ribbon hoarding, I have tried many different ribbon organizers.  There was the dowel hanging from the bottom of shelves….

I quickly out grew that. Plus, if you use the ribbon once, the ribbon hangs down and starts to unravel, one spool at a time. I just can’t have that.

Then there was the random ribbon spools stuffed into tupperware containers. Yeah…… that didn’t work out so well. I also have boxes full of random ribbon that is stacking up on shelves.

How about those ribbon organizers that you spend fortunes on at the craft stores? They work great until you realize that you have to spend HOURS rolling ribbon into little tiny spaces. And when it runs out and it is time to replace the ribbon, I am too lazy to spool it all back up, so it sits ONTOP of the ribbon organizers. IN FACT THIS IS WHAT I AM STILL DOING!!

Or there are those ones that you put the ribbon inside the box and pull each ribbon through a hole. Yish – too uncoordinated for me.

I have even seen DIY instructions for making ribbon organizers out of egg cartons. Well, I just have too much ribbon and don’t eat enough eggs to do this.

I am thinking that one of the best ribbon organizers for me is no ribbon organizer at all. I am seriously contemplating buying on of these and carefully lining each roll nicely into each drawer.  Not sure what to do with all the loose ribbon quite yet, but it’s a start!

How to make headbands

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Girls headbands are a popular, trendy accessory and with this tutorial I will show you how to make headbands.  I make all sorts of headbands for girls, newborn though adult.  In this simple step by step tutorial, I will show you how to make headbands for girls ages toddler through adult.

check out all of my custom headbands from MySunshineShoppe.  I carry everything from elastic stretch headbands for infants to metal headbands for older girls – check them out and let me know what you think :)

How to make headbands – getting started

You will need:

  • Plastic headband (with or without teeth) – the ones for purchase in my store have teeth for extra hold. Ones without teeth are easily found at your local craft store – the width of you headband should be the same as the ribbon you are using
  • Ribbon – satin, grosgrain or glitter – I am using fun glitter ribbon
  • Double sided tape – if you want the headband to last, use a good, strong double sided tape
  • Lighter, or heat source with flame

How to make Headbands – step by step

Start by lining your headband with the double sided tape (just on the outside!)

Cut your ribbon to line the headband from one end to the other. Length will vary depending on the type of headband you are using.

Line up the bottom of the headband with one end of your ribbon and carefully line your headband, smoothing the ribbon as you go.

Trim off any excess ribbon so the ends are flush with your headband. Use your lighter to GENTLY  heat seal the ribbon ends to the headband and prevent any fraying of your ribbon ends.

That’s it! Decorate your headbands to dress them up and you are set!

You can now make so many variations, like these pictured:

Kids Paper Crafts – Squash Album

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Kids Paper Crafts :  The Squash Album

If you are looking for kids paper crafts, the following tutorial is a  great project for you.  This project is appropriate for children ages 7 and up, but younger children will enjoy as well, with help from an adult.

Kids Paper Crafts

Getting started:

  • 3 sheets of  card stock paper 12×12
  • tape or glue or some sort
  • any embellishments of your choosing (stickers, ribbon, markers,  etc.)

1.  Fold the first piece of paper in half.  Open it up, and fold it again along the same fold line but in the opposite direction.

2.  Open up your paper and turn it so your line is going horizontally along the page. Fold the paper down the center making sure to open it up and refold it in the opposite direction.  You will have an “x” on your paper now

3.  Make the last crease by folding your paper diagonally.  You will only do this once.

4.  Repeat steps 1-3 using your other pieces of paper.

5.  When you are done,  you should have two FULL squares in opposite corners and two squares with diagonal folds down the middle in opposite corners.  Turn your first sheet  so that you have a FULL square at the bottom right corner.  Apply adhesive to that square,  keeping the adhesive inside the crease lines.

6.  Take your second sheet and line up your top left solid square and place it over your adhesive.

7.  Next place adhesive in the bottom right square of your second sheet of paper.  Take your third sheet of paper and place the top left solid square on top of your adhesive.

8. Time to fold your paper into a small book – this can be tricky.   Starting back at the top that the two squares the diagonal folds and bring the creases up to meet over your paper then push them down to line up with the square below it.  Holding this down with one hand, take your other hand and push the solid square down.

9. Flip your paper over to the left and repeat the above step.  Then flip your book over towards you and repeat the last fold.

Your kids paper crafts –  squash album – is complete.

If you want to make a smaller book you can use the same steps with smaller paper.  Just be sure the paper is square!  It can be used on a 12×12 sheet, 10×10, 8×8 or 6×6.  Anything smaller than a 6×6 your book may come out too small to put anything in.

Kids paper crafts are so much fun – enjoy with a child today :)

Check out the latest in girls hair accessories at – we don’t sell kids paper crafts or kits,  but there is a wide variety of kids hair accessories.

Making a ruffle ribbon flower

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Making a ruffle ribbon flower hair clippie

There are many variations of this ribbon flower, and I got my inspiration from a great crafty blog  Her instructions for ribbon flowers were so cute, I just had to start making my own versions to add to my store for girls hair accessories.

In this tutorial I will show you how to make the simplest ribbon flower, then you can expand from there.

You will need:

  • One 5 inch piece of 5/8” ribbon
  • A button or brad of some sort
  • A lined alligator clip – lined with coordinating ribbon
  • Sewing machine (or needle and thread will work too – I just love my sewing machine!)
  • Hot Glue gun (Cause what project DOESN’T need a hot glue gun??)

**For instructions of how to line an alligator clips, see my instructions How to Line an Alligator Clip.

  • First, heat seal the edges of your ribbon. I do this with a standard cigarette lighter; just lightly seal each edge of the ribbon to prevent fraying. (The more you do this, the better at it you get!)
  • Next baste ONE edge of your ribbon. On your sewing machine, this is your standard stitch, made as wide as possible.

  • Pull on ONE of the two threads and scrunch the ribbon all together, like this:

  • Tie a knot at the ends of the thread so your scrunch holds.
  • Form the ribbon ruffle into a circle.

  • Use your hot glue gun and apply a thin strip on glue to one edge of the ribbon.
  • Place the other edge on the strip of glue, forming a neat circle with your ruffled ribbon.
  • Attach button or brad to the center.
  • Attach the whole ribbon flower to your alligator clip.

Here is a set of clips using these simple instructions:

Here is a larger variation I have made using the same technique, but with different size and textures of ribbon:

Check out some of my creations at The SunshineShoppe under the Ribbon Flower Clips section!

Dog Bows

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Ok – so this is kinda silly, but I had this great idea the other night to try some of my hair bow creations on my dog, Sophie. Might be due to the fact that my daughter (my model) is refusing to keep anything in her hair these days. Now I KNOW I can’t use Sophie as my model in my store(s) but it sure was fun! And I think I might be on to a new market!

Dog bow:

Really? What could be cuter that a dog with a hair bow? Maybe a dog in a sweater? How about both?  If I had a sweater, I’d put it on her and take more pictures, but Sophie is 30 pounds of fur. The only outfit she wears is at Halloween, and THAT is an ordeal.

So all I really did was use a baby hair clip and snap it onto her head fur. The baby snap clips work great for hair that is as short as 1/4″ so PERFECT for any kind of  pooches!

See my instructions  on how to line a baby snap clip – then add anything on to make a little doggy hair clip!

How about a doggy flower hair clip?

Sophie giving me the evil eye wearing her doggy flower hair clip

I have great instructions on how to make a hair bow that you can follow as well.  Instead of making a HUGE bow like in those instructions – you can size it down by using 5/8 – 7/8 inch ribbon and use a starting cut of about 10.5 inches per bow.

To purchase your own dog bows, please visit my store The SunshineShoppe.  Check out the baby snap clip section – lots to choose from for humans and pooches, I guess!

I’m thinking these hair clips might be next for family pics!!!

How to make a lined snap clip

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Girls Hair Bows

How to Line a Snap Clip

Snap clips make awesome hair accessories. They come in a ton of sizes – starting with my specialty, the baby snap clip. These babies measure only 1 1/4 inches in length, and if you find the right ones, a 3/8th inch ribbon just covers the clip in width. These make awesome clips for infants and newborns because the will hold in just baby fuzz. The bigger sizes are great for toddlers and I even wear the larger ones to pull my bangs back at least 4 days a week.

What you’ll need:

Snap clip (these instructions will be for a baby snap clip)

3/8 inch ribbon (bigger clips will require wider ribbon)

hot glue gun


Instructions for lining a snap clip:

1. For a baby snap clip, you will need to cut 2 3/4″ length of your 3/8″ ribbon.

2. Open your snap clip and place ribbon in between the clasp.

3. Close clip, ensuring that ribbon is straight.

4. Use your hot glue to cover the top of the snap clip – leave a little room for your fingers to hold the clip! **Be careful not to use TOO much glue, or it will squish out the sides

5. Fold the ribbon over and smooth the ribbon over the clip.

6. Glue the back of the ribbon that will be folded over the back of the clip **Again – not too much glue!

7. Fold the ribbon over the back of the clip.

8. Embellish with anything!

Baby snap clips are so fun and easy to make. They don’t require many supplies and can be done in a flash. I may be known to make a quick clip for my baby girl just before walking out the door so she has something to match the outfit she is wearing!

How to make child hoodie towel

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As my son gets older, and taller, I started to realize that all those cute baby towels with the hoods you somehow collect are WAY too small. His little butt hangs out and he chants “very cold, very cold” when he is drying off from his nightly tubby.

Recently I was at a craft fair and they had big hoodie towels. An adult sized hoodie towel! Genius!  I bought two of them paying about $12 a piece. They work perfectly for him, as now he can stay completely wrapped up and warm after the tub. So, of course I started examining the towels and thinking, “I could make these!”

So when I saw a towel sale going on at Kohls I took on this new project. Here’s how to make a child hoodie towel.

Hoodie Towel – step by step instructions

1.  Each hoodie towel requires 1 big towel and 2 washcloths.  You could buy new or use old ones if you have lots of extra towels and washcloths.

2. Pin the two washcloths together on 2 adjoining sides (like an “L”).

Use two washcloths of the same size

Use two washcloths of the same size

3. Use your sewing machine to sew the washcloths together. I did this twice to have extra strength. I used a plain old zig-zag stitch.

4. Take the big towel and determine which side you want as the inside of the towel and lay that face down of the floor.

5. Measure and find the center of the big towel. Mark this with a pin.

6. Take the sewn together washcloths and fold it into a triangle so the 2 sewn sides are in the middle, touching, like below.

hoodie towel

7. Use the pin in the middle of your big towel to determine placement and pin the closest side of  the washcloths onto the big towel.

8. Carefully sew the washcloth piece onto the big towel, making sure  that the outer parts of the hood do not get attached by accident. I also did this twice over for extra strength.

hoodie howel

9. Try on your toddler or give as a gift!

A Hoodie Towel big enough for my growing toddler!

how to make a child hooded towelhow to make a child hooded towel

The whole towel only took about 15-20 minutes to make. And with the sale at Kohls, each hoodie towel costs only about$3.50.

Free Card Making Templates

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Free Card Making Templates

I have recently become addicted to a new craft – a smaller version of scrapbooking. Card making!! Making cards can take as little as 15 minutes, if you have a good idea – or free card making templates! I’ve been collecting card making magazines recently and they have some really great templates that you can put your own spin on. In fact, I made a few that once I finished “card lifting” they looked nothing like the original. The most recent I made, was a card for a baby shower I went to. I actually whipped this out 30 minutes before I had to leave. Here’s how I created this baby shower card.

1. Cut a 12×12 or 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper down to 11″x5″. Fold it the long way so the inside of the card is showing when you close the card (about 1 inch).

2. Use a scrap from the let over paper and stamp or emboss “welcome” on it

3. i used my cricut to cut out the word “baby” – but you could use any left over letters, stickers, etc.

4. I found a fun striped scrap and cut this to fit the front of the card, leaving room at the top.

5. After attaching the striped paper, I used a corner rounder to round the bottom of the front of the card.

6. I used my creative memories wavy trimmer to trim a piece of paper to put above the striped accent paper.

7. I found a leftover felt flower and attached it with a brad.

8. I used 2 brads to attach a thin strip of paper I cut out from the base paper.

This next card I used for a bridal shower, but could be given for many occasions…

1.  Cut a cute piece of paper (I used a flower pattern) for the base of the card.  Fold in half (dimensions are flexible!)

2. I used a coordinating scrap I found a cut a strip to use of the bottom of the card .

3. I found some extra “bling” gems and used them as centers to the flowers.

4. The “congratulations” was embossed, matted, and then adhered to the card with those dots that make it stick out from the rest of the card.

5. I used a light blue ribbon across the card.

The best part about card making is that you don’t need a lot of special materials. You can use leftovers, scraps and thing you never thought you would use again. Card making can sometimes be the inspiration you need to start up on scrapbooking again when you’ve hit a slump. It makes you take a new look at all those supplies that sit on you shelf. After making a card, I usually think to myself, “that would make a cute layout for a scrapbook page!”

Card Templates