Kids Paper Crafts – Squash Album

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Kids Paper Crafts :  The Squash Album

If you are looking for kids paper crafts, the following tutorial is a  great project for you.  This project is appropriate for children ages 7 and up, but younger children will enjoy as well, with help from an adult.

Kids Paper Crafts

Getting started:

  • 3 sheets of  card stock paper 12×12
  • tape or glue or some sort
  • any embellishments of your choosing (stickers, ribbon, markers,  etc.)

1.  Fold the first piece of paper in half.  Open it up, and fold it again along the same fold line but in the opposite direction.

2.  Open up your paper and turn it so your line is going horizontally along the page. Fold the paper down the center making sure to open it up and refold it in the opposite direction.  You will have an “x” on your paper now

3.  Make the last crease by folding your paper diagonally.  You will only do this once.

4.  Repeat steps 1-3 using your other pieces of paper.

5.  When you are done,  you should have two FULL squares in opposite corners and two squares with diagonal folds down the middle in opposite corners.  Turn your first sheet  so that you have a FULL square at the bottom right corner.  Apply adhesive to that square,  keeping the adhesive inside the crease lines.

6.  Take your second sheet and line up your top left solid square and place it over your adhesive.

7.  Next place adhesive in the bottom right square of your second sheet of paper.  Take your third sheet of paper and place the top left solid square on top of your adhesive.

8. Time to fold your paper into a small book – this can be tricky.   Starting back at the top that the two squares the diagonal folds and bring the creases up to meet over your paper then push them down to line up with the square below it.  Holding this down with one hand, take your other hand and push the solid square down.

9. Flip your paper over to the left and repeat the above step.  Then flip your book over towards you and repeat the last fold.

Your kids paper crafts –  squash album – is complete.

If you want to make a smaller book you can use the same steps with smaller paper.  Just be sure the paper is square!  It can be used on a 12×12 sheet, 10×10, 8×8 or 6×6.  Anything smaller than a 6×6 your book may come out too small to put anything in.

Kids paper crafts are so much fun – enjoy with a child today :)

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Free Card Making Templates

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Free Card Making Templates

I have recently become addicted to a new craft – a smaller version of scrapbooking. Card making!! Making cards can take as little as 15 minutes, if you have a good idea – or free card making templates! I’ve been collecting card making magazines recently and they have some really great templates that you can put your own spin on. In fact, I made a few that once I finished “card lifting” they looked nothing like the original. The most recent I made, was a card for a baby shower I went to. I actually whipped this out 30 minutes before I had to leave. Here’s how I created this baby shower card.

1. Cut a 12×12 or 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper down to 11″x5″. Fold it the long way so the inside of the card is showing when you close the card (about 1 inch).

2. Use a scrap from the let over paper and stamp or emboss “welcome” on it

3. i used my cricut to cut out the word “baby” – but you could use any left over letters, stickers, etc.

4. I found a fun striped scrap and cut this to fit the front of the card, leaving room at the top.

5. After attaching the striped paper, I used a corner rounder to round the bottom of the front of the card.

6. I used my creative memories wavy trimmer to trim a piece of paper to put above the striped accent paper.

7. I found a leftover felt flower and attached it with a brad.

8. I used 2 brads to attach a thin strip of paper I cut out from the base paper.

This next card I used for a bridal shower, but could be given for many occasions…

1.  Cut a cute piece of paper (I used a flower pattern) for the base of the card.  Fold in half (dimensions are flexible!)

2. I used a coordinating scrap I found a cut a strip to use of the bottom of the card .

3. I found some extra “bling” gems and used them as centers to the flowers.

4. The “congratulations” was embossed, matted, and then adhered to the card with those dots that make it stick out from the rest of the card.

5. I used a light blue ribbon across the card.

The best part about card making is that you don’t need a lot of special materials. You can use leftovers, scraps and thing you never thought you would use again. Card making can sometimes be the inspiration you need to start up on scrapbooking again when you’ve hit a slump. It makes you take a new look at all those supplies that sit on you shelf. After making a card, I usually think to myself, “that would make a cute layout for a scrapbook page!”

Card Templates