Fun and Easy Spring Craft

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So I have a new obsession….Pinterest, don’t judge. :)   I know that most of you have been sucked in as well!!  While I was looking through my fellow pinners pins I came across this really cute Wreath.  After going back to look at a few times my wheels started turning!!! I started looking though some of the things I had gotten from Lisa’s website and I came up with my own spin on this great Spring Wreath Craft


For this project I used the following items

2 Yards of Lime Green Grass Trim

A foam 10 Inch wreath from Hobby Lobby

Hot Glue










Now to embellish the wreath once I was done I used some colorful tulle and Satin Rolled Roses that I got from Lisa.  There are so many more flowers and finishing touches that you can get from her site to add to your wreath if you don’t want to use the rolled roses.  I just used what I had on hand.









Now when you get your trim you will see that it is sewn on to a tulle backing.  What I did was I cut the tulle over hang from one side and one end of the grass trim.  The reason I did this was because I wanted to have a little extra material to glue the foam wreath.









Using the end of the trim that has the tulle over hang I attached it to the wreath with a little hot glue.  Now just be careful with the hot glue, if you put too much or it is too hot it will just eat away at your foam and create a big hole.  Once I had one end attached to the foam I started wrapping the grass trim around the wreath.  Now I made sure while I was wrapping not to pull the trim too tight.  There is a little stretch to the trim and the tighter you pull the more it will separate and you will begin to see the foam through the trim.  If you really wanted to make sure that you didn’t see the foam through the trim I would suggest painting it a color to match your trim.


Now while I was wrapping the trim I added a bit a glue along the way just to hold it into place.  I also allowed the outside edge of the trim to curl under just to make it look a bit fuller, as shown in the picture below.









I continued wrapping the wreath, gluing along the way, until I reached the end.  Now when I reached the end I had a bit of extra trim left so at this point I pulled the trim tighter and over lapped it so that it covered the spot where I started.  I made sure that the end of the trim was glued to the back.  Once you are finished it should look something like this.









Once I got to this point I started pulling out all kinds of goodies that I had gotten from Lisa.  I decided to use the Satin Rolled Flowers, I thought they had a really cute spring time look to them.  Before I started doing any gluing I pinned the roses on.  The reason I pinned them first was so that I could play with the placement of the roses and I could add or subtract where I thought needed.  Once It is all in place and the roses were where I wanted them I glued them in place one at a time, just to make sure that they ended up in the same place.  The last thing I added was the tulle.  I cut 2 yards of tulle and folded it in half.  Then I threaded it through they wreath and tied a bow at the top.  This is where I decided it would hang from.




















There you go, the finished product.  I love that it is such a simple and fun project.  This would make a great fun and easy spring time craft for anyone!


Shabby and Chic Zebra Pants

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I have a great new product that I have been playing with this week.  It is this great shabby and chic grass trim that I got from My Sunshine Shoppe.  For this tutorial I decided to try something new.  I wanted to make a pair of petite chiffon trimmed pants.  I am in no means a sewer, however I wish now that I was.  I found a great little pair of zebra pants at Hobby Lobby and decided that I was going to add my trim to it.



What you will need for this project is….

Pants of your choice, color and size.

Grass trim to match

Felt to match your grass trim

Fabric glue



Hot glue gun










Now for my own pants I decided to add a strand of beaded trim that I also found at Hobby Lobby..It’s a little hard to see in the finished product but it looks great with the grass trim.


Now lets get started, the first thing I decided to do was fold up the hem of my pants.  I want them to be a little shorter then they are originally made so that the beads that I added would hang right at the ankle.  So what i did was turn them inside out.  Then I folded the bottom up about 1 inch and glued it down with my fabric glue.  Now for all you sewers out there you could just sew it in place.  Both ways work well, it’s really up to you whether you want to glue it in place or sew it.

Then I measured how much grass trim that I needed for one pant leg.  My pants measured 10 1/2 inches around.  Depending on where you get your pants and how they are made or what size you got your measurements may not be the same.  After cutting my grass trim to size I turned it over and cut away the extra tulle that the trim is sewed on to.








Then I cut a strip of white felt 2 1/2 inches wide and about 11 inches long.  I hot glued the felt on the the back of the grass trim leaving the 1/2 inch of felt hanging off one end.  You will see why I did this in a bit.  Now once I have both pieces of trim cut and backed with felt I added my beaded trim.  I cut it to 10 1/2 inches and hot glued it to the edge of the grass trim so that it hung from the bottom edge, as shown in the image below.









When you flip it over it will look like this.








Now we are going to apply the trim to the pants.  What I decided to do, since this was my first time to try this, I started on the inside seam of the pants.  Now make sure that you have turned your pants right side out. :)  I take the end of the trim that has the extra felt hanging over.  Then line up the edge of the TRIM not the felt with the seam of the pants.  Then I did a small line of hot glue along the seam just to adhere the trim in place.  Your pants should look something like this.








Now that I have it glued in place I glued about 2 inches at a time.  I applied fabric glue to the felt and a small amount of hot glue and pressed it against the pants, giving it a few moments to dry in place before I moved on to the next piece.  Keep making your way around the pant leg until you have about 1 1/2 inches left.  At this point I made sure to glue down the over hang of felt to the pants, then I lined up the rest of the trim to make sure that is it not too long or hopefully too short.

Once I know that I have enough to cover what is left I apply the fabric glue and hot glue to the last piece and glue it in place.  Once that is done I just go back over the trim to make sure that the seam is all glued down, and there are no pieces that are unattached to the pants or coming up any where.









Now all that is left to do is finish off the second pant leg and then you have your very own home made Shabby and Chic Pants.

Stay tuned for a great little shirt to match these petite chiffon pants!!