Ribbon Organizers

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I have SO much ribbon and am always asking myself, ” where can I find better ribbon organizers?”  I think I may be searching forever.

Through the years, and obssessive ribbon hoarding, I have tried many different ribbon organizers.  There was the dowel hanging from the bottom of shelves….

I quickly out grew that. Plus, if you use the ribbon once, the ribbon hangs down and starts to unravel, one spool at a time. I just can’t have that.

Then there was the random ribbon spools stuffed into tupperware containers. Yeah…… that didn’t work out so well. I also have boxes full of random ribbon that is stacking up on shelves.

How about those ribbon organizers that you spend fortunes on at the craft stores? They work great until you realize that you have to spend HOURS rolling ribbon into little tiny spaces. And when it runs out and it is time to replace the ribbon, I am too lazy to spool it all back up, so it sits ONTOP of the ribbon organizers. IN FACT THIS IS WHAT I AM STILL DOING!!

Or there are those ones that you put the ribbon inside the box and pull each ribbon through a hole. Yish – too uncoordinated for me.

I have even seen DIY instructions for making ribbon organizers out of egg cartons. Well, I just have too much ribbon and don’t eat enough eggs to do this.

I am thinking that one of the best ribbon organizers for me is no ribbon organizer at all. I am seriously contemplating buying on of these and carefully lining each roll nicely into each drawer.  Not sure what to do with all the loose ribbon quite yet, but it’s a start!

Organize your scrapbooking room

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Organize scrapbooking room

I recently reorganized all of my scrapbooking supplies. All of my stuff used to be in cupboards -somewhat organized, but hidden. It drove me nuts not having everything at my fingertips. I was constantly forgetting what I had and where it was located. Creating a scrapbook room that allows me to work without frustration was really important to me. So, I came up with a few ideas to solve my frustrations….

I found 6 foot laminate counter tops at Home Depot for around $35 each. I bought hickory base cabinets at Lowes – two for each counter top. These were the most expensive purchase, but worth it in my opinion. If you have the time or patience to put cabinets together yourself, it can save quite a bit of money. Also, there are other woods available (oak, etc.) less expensive than hickory. Under each “table” I fit drawers and paper racks that I picked up at a local scrapbook store that was going out of business. On the racks I organized coordinating paper, a lot of them Basic Grey packs – I hate separating those papers they work so good together!

In one of my craft tables, I have an entire top drawer for adhesives, and on the opposite side, the whole drawer is filled with pens I frequently use, scissors, stitching equipment, eyelet setters, etc. I found the wood drawer organizers at Lowes also. The drawers below contain punches, eyelets, and much more.

I used an existing bookshelf from my scrapbook room and filled it with my magazines, paper, and unused albums. I picked up magazine holders from Staples, and the Cropper Hopper vertical 12 x 12 paper holders from Hobby Lobby. In the vertical storage, I put all the loose leaf paper I impulse buy all the time. I plan to go through and organize by color eventually.

I hung decorative shelves above one of my tables. I found them at Lowes, these were a little spendy also, so I decided to use less expensive shelving above the second table. This actually worked out well because on the second set of shelving, I packed them so full, you can’t see the shelves anyway. On the decorative shelves I wanted to display my flowers because I use them so much. I got the colorful storage boxes from Hobby Lobby also – watch for their sales ads, these go 50% off frequently making them a reasonable $1.50 each. On the larger, not as pretty shelving, I stacked white plastic drawers from Walmart. In these drawers I organized my foam stamps ( I got 3 alphabet sets into each drawer, separating them by cutting a piece of cardstock to fit, and scotch taping it in the drawer), my paints, cipboard letters and accents, metal accents, etc. I then stacked some more plastic bins and filled them with things I commonly use (rub on letters, bling, etc.)

My ribbon organization has always frustrated me. I went to Menards and found white plastic hooks that fit over a door to hang clothes, and screwed them right into the bottom of the shelf. I then put a wooden 36″ dowel in the hook and strung my ribbon on it. I put another wood dowel through the brackets on the decorative shelving and viola! another ribbon rack. I plan on putting up anther one of these also.

For my tons and tons of paper packs I love to pick up when they are 50% off at Hobby Lobby, I purchased a wire rack on Ebay to slide each pack into without having to take them apart. The only bad thing about it is that you have to put it together yourself. I have seen them at a lot of the craft stores also. Ebay was cheaper for me.

I found these cute little jars that come in all different sizes at Hobby Lobby – also frequently on sale – look in the glass container section. I haven’t decided what to do with them yet, but it won’t take long to fill them. Also, I picked up a single ceramic tile from Menards, attached four rubber bumpers on the bottom, and use this when I use my embossing heat gun so I don’t warp the laminate counter tops. All of my stamping stuff went into a set of clear plastic drawers that sits next to one of my table tops.

How to set up a scrapbook room