How to tie ribbon bows

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Having trouble tying that perfect bow?  We have all seen them, the cards and scrapbooking  layouts with a beautiful bow, that lays perfectly.  We all want to know, “how do they get it to look so perfect?”  Well stick around, by the end of this tutorial you will know how to tie ribbon bows that look beautiful!

How to tie ribbon bows

So to get started you are going to need your ribbon and project that your bow will be going on.  In this tutorial I am going to show you how to tie a bow on a card.

First I start with my card laying in front of me.  I measure out a piece of ribbon that will go all the way around the card and make a bow, I give a little extra ribbon for room to play.  Now you are going to start tying like you would any other bow.

Before you start making your loops you are going to turn your card one turn to the left so that your is now horizontal.  See picture below.

It may seem odd but at this point we are going to be tying our bow opposite of the way it is going to be laying once it’s finished.  When I tie my bows, I start with my left side.  Making the loop with the ribbon to my left and using the ribbon the my right to finish off the bow.

Once you finish tying your ribbon it’s going to be laying the wrong way, but don’t worry it will be laying perfect in just a few minute.

Now that you have tied your bow and it looks like this.

You are going to turn your card so it is facing you again.  Once your card is turned toward you it’s time to get it laying straight.  What I do is I hold the middle knot and I take the end of the ribbon on my left side that is going upwards and I pull it down towards me.  Then I do the same with the other side.  One thing to remember when you are pulling the ends of the ribbon you want to mainly pull the top part of the ribbon down towards you.  This is going to make them stay pointing down and help keep your bow laying nice and straight.

Once you have finished adjusting your bow it should be laying perfectly on your project.  I hope that you have found this tutorial on how to tie ribbon bows helpful, for more detailed instructions check out our video.

Folding Ribbon Roses

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Have you seen the beautiful ribbon roses that everyone has been using and want to know how they are made?  Well you have come to the right place!!  This tutorial is all about folding ribbon roses.

What you will need….

24 inches of satin ribbon atleast 1 inch thick

Hot glue gun


Folding Ribbon Roses

To get started you are going to hold about 1 inch of ribbon in your left hand.  With your ribbon laying on your right side.  With your right hand your are going to twist your ribbon twice and pinch the ribbon between your thumb and index finger.

Next with your right hand fold your ribbon back, away from you, and tuck the top seam of  your ribbon between your index finger and the twisted ribbon.

Once you have done that you are going to rotate the ribbon in your left hand to the right two times.  Place a small amount of glue in the crease.

Next we are going to start folding ribbon roses.  While pinching the bud of your rose in your left hand take the ribbon in your right hand and fold the top seam back and away from you.

Pinch the ribbon that you folded back between your index finger and thumb then give it a small half turn.  Repeat the above step once more then place a small amount of glue in the crease that is facing you.

You will continue the same folding technique once more time and glue in place.  Now you will move your ribbon, that has been pinched between your finger and thumb, and place it so it is laying flat in your hand with the tail of your ribbon going between your index finger and middle finger.

With your ribbon paces in between your fingers it will be easier to hold your flower in place as you continue to fold, turn and glue your flower.  You will continue folding your top seam of your ribbon back, and bring it around to meet with the bottom of your rose.  Pinch the ribbon that you have folded and the rose between your index finger and thumb of your right hand.  Give the rose a half turn and place it back in your hand.  You are going to place a small dab of glue between the rose and the last fold.

Continue folding the ribbon rose and glueing it until you come to the end of your ribbon.  Once you make your last fold, you will glue the end of your ribbon under your rose.  Trim the extra tail and glue it down so that the underside of your rose is flat.

This may take a little practice but the more you try it the better you will get at it.  Before you know it you will be folding ribbon roses for all of your projects.

Ribbon Organizers

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I have SO much ribbon and am always asking myself, ” where can I find better ribbon organizers?”  I think I may be searching forever.

Through the years, and obssessive ribbon hoarding, I have tried many different ribbon organizers.  There was the dowel hanging from the bottom of shelves….

I quickly out grew that. Plus, if you use the ribbon once, the ribbon hangs down and starts to unravel, one spool at a time. I just can’t have that.

Then there was the random ribbon spools stuffed into tupperware containers. Yeah…… that didn’t work out so well. I also have boxes full of random ribbon that is stacking up on shelves.

How about those ribbon organizers that you spend fortunes on at the craft stores? They work great until you realize that you have to spend HOURS rolling ribbon into little tiny spaces. And when it runs out and it is time to replace the ribbon, I am too lazy to spool it all back up, so it sits ONTOP of the ribbon organizers. IN FACT THIS IS WHAT I AM STILL DOING!!

Or there are those ones that you put the ribbon inside the box and pull each ribbon through a hole. Yish – too uncoordinated for me.

I have even seen DIY instructions for making ribbon organizers out of egg cartons. Well, I just have too much ribbon and don’t eat enough eggs to do this.

I am thinking that one of the best ribbon organizers for me is no ribbon organizer at all. I am seriously contemplating buying on of these and carefully lining each roll nicely into each drawer.  Not sure what to do with all the loose ribbon quite yet, but it’s a start!

How to make headbands

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Girls headbands are a popular, trendy accessory and with this tutorial I will show you how to make headbands.  I make all sorts of headbands for girls, newborn though adult.  In this simple step by step tutorial, I will show you how to make headbands for girls ages toddler through adult.

check out all of my custom headbands from MySunshineShoppe.  I carry everything from elastic stretch headbands for infants to metal headbands for older girls – check them out and let me know what you think :)

How to make headbands – getting started

You will need:

  • Plastic headband (with or without teeth) – the ones for purchase in my store have teeth for extra hold. Ones without teeth are easily found at your local craft store – the width of you headband should be the same as the ribbon you are using
  • Ribbon – satin, grosgrain or glitter – I am using fun glitter ribbon
  • Double sided tape – if you want the headband to last, use a good, strong double sided tape
  • Lighter, or heat source with flame

How to make Headbands – step by step

Start by lining your headband with the double sided tape (just on the outside!)

Cut your ribbon to line the headband from one end to the other. Length will vary depending on the type of headband you are using.

Line up the bottom of the headband with one end of your ribbon and carefully line your headband, smoothing the ribbon as you go.

Trim off any excess ribbon so the ends are flush with your headband. Use your lighter to GENTLY  heat seal the ribbon ends to the headband and prevent any fraying of your ribbon ends.

That’s it! Decorate your headbands to dress them up and you are set!

You can now make so many variations, like these pictured:

Girls Hair Bows with American Craft Ribbon

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I’ve been crafting and creating lot and lots of new girls hair clippies!! I have an upcoming local show and am always worried that I won’t have enough inventory. Then, as I’m hauling in boxes and boxes of HAIR CLIPS, I realize that I may have overdone it once again.

I love my sets of alligator clips that I make with American Craft ribbon, and was recently informed that they are going to stop making the boxed sets!!! I nearly had a heart attack. I searched around the internet and was able to find a couple places that still had some of the boxed sets. Most places wanted about double the price I am used to paying, but I finally found a site that had them for a decent price, and although they didn’t have EVERY combo that I wanted, they had enough to satisfy me. Can’t wait for that shipment to come! I love internet shopping. It’s like Christmas in your mailbox!! (except you’ve peaked at what’s inside already)

Here’s a few of the lined alligator clip sets I’ve been working on with the American Craft ribbon:





You can find these in my etsy store at