Copic Marker Tutorial ~ How to use Copic markers

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Have you been thinking of joining the copic craze? Wondering where to start or what to start with? Well this is the place to get great information on how to use copic markers. First we are going to start with the Copic basics, there are a few things you want to get first to use with your copic markers:

Black ink ( I use memento tuxedo black)

Heavy Cardstock ( I like Neenah Cardstock)

Copic color chart

Copic Markers

How to use Copic Markers

If you are just geting started with your copic markers here are a few things to keep in mind when using and buy them. First you want to keep your color chart handy and updated. Copics are not the cheapest markers to buy and it’s never fun coming home with your new marker only to find out you already have that color. When I buy my markers I try to buy in color families. Each marker is named and numbered by groups, so when I buy I buy two or three marker in the same color group. If there is one marker I would say that you HAVE to have it would be the colorless blender. It is a MUST have!

Now lets start talking about how to use copic markers. Here is an image that I colored using my copics.

How to use copic markers

copic marker tutorial

With the image above we are going to focus on just her hair for now. When I decided what shade I wanted to color her hair (an orange yellow) I then chose three colors from the same color family: a light yellow, a yellow orange and a darker orange.

Now to start her hair I started with the darkest orange and started coloring her hair starting at the top of her head and following it all the way around. I didn’t color all of her hair with the dark orange just an outline around the outer edge. Then I used the yellow orange to make another outline, over lapping the dark orange just a bit so that the two colors blend. Then with the yellow fill in the last white spot that is in the middle of her head. I then repeated the last three steps again but then when you get to the yellow I go over all her hair to make sure that all the colors are blended well.

I hope that this tutorial has helped you better understand how to use copic markers!!

Making a Paper Flower, Part Two

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Making a paper flower sounds like a great idea, but some of us get a little scared that we might mess it up, or that it looks too hard to make.  Well I am here to tell you that they are not that hard to make, they are simple and fun to make and they can save you tons of money! Earlier this year, we posted a different tutorial on paper flowers, and here is one more way to make a paper flower for crafting or scrapbooking.

making paper flowers

Making a Paper Flower – Take Two!

To make this  flower you are going to need a few things that I am sure that you already have in your crafting room.

You will need…..

2 pieces of designer paper cut 12x 1 3/4 and 12x 1 1/2

a decorative edge punch

hot glue gun

decorative brad or button -we sell AMAZING metal buttons in our etsy supply store – check us out! Crafting Supplies are our specialty!

ink and inking tool, if desired

First, you will want to take your two strips of paper and punch your decorative edge.  I used a scallop punch, but you can use any punch that you like.

Once you have your edge punched, set them aside.  Next, you are going to need a scrap piece of paper, I usually punch out a 1 inch circle from a piece of card stock.  This circle is going to be your base.  Now, take your wider strip of paper and glue it to the circle.  Since I am right handed I glue it so that the paper is going out to the right, as shown in the picture below, so I can pleat it with my right hand.

Now you are going to start pleating your flower.  What I do is make a few pleats, pleating with my right hand and holding them in place with my left thumb.

Once I have a few pleats folded I let them go, turn the paper over and add glue along the bottom of the pleated paper.  Then I refold the pleats and hold them in place till the glue is dry.  Continue pleating and gluing until you come to the end of the paper.  Once you have finished your first layer you are going to start on your second layer.

Repeat the same steps that you used on your first layer to complete your second layer.  Once you have finished gluing your flower take your inking tool and ink your edges if desired.  You can also ink your edges after you have punched your edge if you want to ink them with more then one color.

After your flower is dried and the edges are inked the last thing to do is to attach your brad or button.

Your beautiful flower is now complete.  Now if this flower is a little too big for you don’t worry.  You can cut your strips of paper a little bit smaller, which will make your flower smaller.  You can also  just use one small layer if you would like.

I hope that you have enjoyed this tutorial.  I hope making a paper flower will be a little easier for you.

Kids Paper Crafts – Squash Album

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Kids Paper Crafts :  The Squash Album

If you are looking for kids paper crafts, the following tutorial is a  great project for you.  This project is appropriate for children ages 7 and up, but younger children will enjoy as well, with help from an adult.

Kids Paper Crafts

Getting started:

  • 3 sheets of  card stock paper 12×12
  • tape or glue or some sort
  • any embellishments of your choosing (stickers, ribbon, markers,  etc.)

1.  Fold the first piece of paper in half.  Open it up, and fold it again along the same fold line but in the opposite direction.

2.  Open up your paper and turn it so your line is going horizontally along the page. Fold the paper down the center making sure to open it up and refold it in the opposite direction.  You will have an “x” on your paper now

3.  Make the last crease by folding your paper diagonally.  You will only do this once.

4.  Repeat steps 1-3 using your other pieces of paper.

5.  When you are done,  you should have two FULL squares in opposite corners and two squares with diagonal folds down the middle in opposite corners.  Turn your first sheet  so that you have a FULL square at the bottom right corner.  Apply adhesive to that square,  keeping the adhesive inside the crease lines.

6.  Take your second sheet and line up your top left solid square and place it over your adhesive.

7.  Next place adhesive in the bottom right square of your second sheet of paper.  Take your third sheet of paper and place the top left solid square on top of your adhesive.

8. Time to fold your paper into a small book – this can be tricky.   Starting back at the top that the two squares the diagonal folds and bring the creases up to meet over your paper then push them down to line up with the square below it.  Holding this down with one hand, take your other hand and push the solid square down.

9. Flip your paper over to the left and repeat the above step.  Then flip your book over towards you and repeat the last fold.

Your kids paper crafts –  squash album – is complete.

If you want to make a smaller book you can use the same steps with smaller paper.  Just be sure the paper is square!  It can be used on a 12×12 sheet, 10×10, 8×8 or 6×6.  Anything smaller than a 6×6 your book may come out too small to put anything in.

Kids paper crafts are so much fun – enjoy with a child today :)

Check out the latest in girls hair accessories at – we don’t sell kids paper crafts or kits,  but there is a wide variety of kids hair accessories.

Scrapbooking with the Cricut

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Last weekend some girlfriends and I got together for an entire weekend of nothing but scrapbooking, gabbing, eating, and (some) sleeping.  We try to do this every couple of months – get AWAY from home, leave the kids and just scrap. No distractions.  At one point during the weekend, one girl was cutting something with the Cricut and the paper started loading wrong and it was making this awful noise – without thinking, I screamed, “DON’T BREAK THE CRICUT!!!!!”   Everyone laughed, because it was true, if the Cricut broke, someone was driving back home to get a replacement machine.

And I started to think  How in the world did I scrapbook before my Cricut??? I literally use it for almost every single layout. Whether it be for a title, text or a cut out.  The great thing about these weekend retreats is that everyone brings their own Cricut cartridges, and between three of us, I think we counted over 50 different cartridges.  And they seem to multiple every time we get together.

Now I know there are newer machine out (slice, etc.) but I am so in love with my Cricut still, I can’t really see myself replacing it anytime soon.  I have the expressions, so you can cut up to 12×12, which is awesome.  And this weekend I finally learned how to use one of it’s unique features “center point” and whoo-hoo! it was like Christmas morning for me! A new feature! Or at least, new to me.  I know, I know, I should just take the time to read the stupid instruction manual and learn to use it to it’s fullest potential, but hey, ignorance is bliss sometimes.

Here are some of the (simple) features I love to use (and over-use) with my Cricut:

Titles with Cricut

scrapbooking with the Cricut

I made this title with one of my favorite Cricut cartridges, Don Juan. LOVE IT.  I also used another cartridge (can’t remember!) to cut the wavy mauve background shape.

cricut blog

This title came from the New Arrival Cartridge – only 2 layers required!

Borders with the Cricut

Cricut Blog

This super cute fish border cam from Life’s a Beach, which one of my friends brought and is next on my list to buy. Really cute cartridge!  The title and subtitle are Cricut cuts as well (of course!)

Die-Cuts with Cricut

Cricut scrapbooking

Cute snowflakes topped with rhinestones make this winter layout.

Cricut Scrapping

To make the blue background “flower” and big circle I used my Accent Essential cartridge, which I find myself using over and over and over….

Center Point

cricut cartridges

Here was my first attempt with the “new to me” feature, Center Point.  I simply found these circle designs, measured how much of them I wanted cut, programed that in for my size, them put the blade over the middle of the circle.  Press the Center Point button and your off!  Of course, the title came from Don Juan, again!

Operation motivation – organize photos for scrapbooking

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Organize your photos for scrapbooking

Ever feel like you’ve hit a wall when it comes to scrapbooking? The last few months, I have sat in my scrapbook room, looked at all of my supplies, flipped through magazines and the creative juices are just not flowing. I even felt so lost in my room, I started knitting a scarf.  I got pretty far with the scarf too, but  I really wanted to scrap, I just needed some motivation!

Then I remembered why I scrapbook in the first place – pictures!  I love pictures. Taking them, organizing them, showing them to people and ultimately – scrapping them.  As I thought about my scrapbooking block – one thought came to mind. My photos were in disarray.  I hadn’t printed pictures for a while, the ones that were printed were a mess, and a lot of pics were still on my digital camera card.  The thought – ORGANIZE PHOTOS FOR SCRAPBOOKING – flashed through my head.  It was time. This was just what I needed to help my lack of motivation.

Once your photos are organized, it gives you the motivation to make that first page, then another, and another.  Going through a stack of photos also may remind you of some pictures you didn’t know you had.  Sometimes I will see a picture that I took months ago and it will remind me of something else that I wanted to scrap.  I also have been known to snap shots of my son with a scrapbook page already in mind. You might say I am taking the picture to fit the page or layout I have already planned – guilty!  The problem is, if I don’t write these great ideas down when I think of them – they are almost always forgotten until I come across the photo, sometimes months later.

There are many ways to get your photographs organized – you could organize by date, by event, by person, by album, etc. It really depends on what is the best for you.  I tend to sort photos into groups that could or would be in a layout together. They don’t all have to end up in the same layout. Often times I use the same group of photos for my son’s album and our family album – two different layouts for two different albums, similar, if not the same, pics.  I keep a notebook that is comprised of lists of page ideas organized by which album they will go in. I often times journal along with the page ideas because it seems like sometimes the story gets lost or diluted after weeks, months or years of the picture sitting in a box or on a computer.

Once I started going through the stacks of photos, I came up with some great ideas for layouts and was sure to write them down in my scrapping journal.  I can’t wait to get started on my next page, I now have many more ideas and pictures to choose from!