Scrapbooking Pet Pages

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Scrapbooking Pet Pages

Scrapbooking pet pages about your beloved animal is a great way to show this part of your family. If your family is anything like ours, our two shelties are like our first children. My husband fondly refers to them as “our daughters”. In fact, before we had our son, I had entire scrapbooks devoted to our animals! Now that Wyatt came along, things have changed, but I always do at least one or two pages about the puppies in our yearly family album, and a couple in Wyatt’s yearly album. I’ve posted some ideas for some cute pet pages for all you animal lovers!

This one is a 2 page layout I did in my pregnancy album about “the girls” waiting for their new brother (a little crazy, but I was pregnant remember).

Our youngest Sheltie, Sophia, is the cutest pup ever, but boy can she be a devil. I made this page to reflect on our perfect puppy’s attitude!

This page is about our puppies affection towards our new baby. I couldn’t believe how gentle and protective the girls were when we brought Wyatt home. I was fortunate enough to catch some of these great moments on film.

As I was looking through my albums, I realized just how many dog pages I have made over the years! Some of the other pages included – Sophie’s knee surgery, Mia eating “poochie sushi”, Mia and Chris cleaning geese, and halloween pages – costumes and all. So maybe I’m a little crazy about our puppies, but we truely feel like they are part of our family and I want my children to be able to look back and feel how much we loved our animals many years down the road. Just like scrapbooking people and places, scrapbooking pet pages can be an important addition to your family albums. Don’t forget about the 4-footed friends in your home!!

Pet Pages