Scrapbooking Pregnancy Pages

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Scrapbooking Pregnancy Pages

When I was pregnant with our first baby, this was the time I was really starting to get into scrapbooking.   So, of course, a pregnancy album seemed like the perfect idea.  That’s right, an entire album dedicated to pregnancy.  I am so glad I did it, this is one of my favorite albums to look back at. Probably because it brings me back to a time in our lives that was incredibly special to both my husband and I.  For one, it was some of the last months we would spend as a couple. Alone. No kids.  After 10 years together, we knew we were ready for children, but we had no idea how much our life was about to change….

Here is how the contents of my pregnancy album went:

Title page – “The First Nine Months”

Pages 2-3 – “The Story of Us” – On this 2 page spread I told the story of how Chris and I met, and splashed the pages with pictures of us from the past 10 years (including old prom pics-yikes!)

Page 4 – “Mom in Training?” – Some pics of me holding my newborn godchildren (twins) when I was only about 4 months pregnant. I remember thinking, “Am I ready for this?”

Page 5 – A poem my grandmother sent me that was sent to her during her pregnancy.

Pages 6-7 – “Baby’s First Photos” – Of course – the ultrasound pics.  I also journaled about an entire page how these pics made me feel.  I was definately emotional during this pregnancy!

Pages 8-11 – Baby shower pics. A record of all the gifts and guests!

Pages 12-13 – “Creating the Nursery”

Page 14 – “Belly Love” – I sure am brave putting these pics on the internet!

Page 15 – “Chrisisms” – This page I dedicated to my husband’s lack of baby knowledge. Some of the things that came out of his mouth during my pregnancy we so funny – I started journaling them at night. I picked my favorite and created this layout.

Pages 16-17 “Waiting for baby” – This was a page about our puppies waiting for the new baby. (See “Scrapbooking Pet Pages” blog)

Pages 18-19 – Another baby shower, thrown by my coworkers

Page 20 – “Pros and Cons of my Pregnancy” – I loved complaining on the cons side of this page, but I also liked getting teared up while writing the pros!!! Again – pregnancy emotions are wonderful!

Page 21 – “Bed Rest” – the story of how and why the doctors told me to STOP WORKING!  REST!

Page 22 – Final Ultrasound at 37 weeks to be sure they could safely take the baby out early

Creating a pregnancy album is a rewarding experience that you can start creating during your pregnancy or afterwards.  If you are too tired to scrap at all (not likely), start by journaling experiences, funny happenings or emotions and feelings that you are going through.  Trust me, you will love looking back at this special time in your life!

Scrapbooking Pregnancy Pages