Scrapbooking with the Cricut

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Last weekend some girlfriends and I got together for an entire weekend of nothing but scrapbooking, gabbing, eating, and (some) sleeping.  We try to do this every couple of months – get AWAY from home, leave the kids and just scrap. No distractions.  At one point during the weekend, one girl was cutting something with the Cricut and the paper started loading wrong and it was making this awful noise – without thinking, I screamed, “DON’T BREAK THE CRICUT!!!!!”   Everyone laughed, because it was true, if the Cricut broke, someone was driving back home to get a replacement machine.

And I started to think  How in the world did I scrapbook before my Cricut??? I literally use it for almost every single layout. Whether it be for a title, text or a cut out.  The great thing about these weekend retreats is that everyone brings their own Cricut cartridges, and between three of us, I think we counted over 50 different cartridges.  And they seem to multiple every time we get together.

Now I know there are newer machine out (slice, etc.) but I am so in love with my Cricut still, I can’t really see myself replacing it anytime soon.  I have the expressions, so you can cut up to 12×12, which is awesome.  And this weekend I finally learned how to use one of it’s unique features “center point” and whoo-hoo! it was like Christmas morning for me! A new feature! Or at least, new to me.  I know, I know, I should just take the time to read the stupid instruction manual and learn to use it to it’s fullest potential, but hey, ignorance is bliss sometimes.

Here are some of the (simple) features I love to use (and over-use) with my Cricut:

Titles with Cricut

scrapbooking with the Cricut

I made this title with one of my favorite Cricut cartridges, Don Juan. LOVE IT.  I also used another cartridge (can’t remember!) to cut the wavy mauve background shape.

cricut blog

This title came from the New Arrival Cartridge – only 2 layers required!

Borders with the Cricut

Cricut Blog

This super cute fish border cam from Life’s a Beach, which one of my friends brought and is next on my list to buy. Really cute cartridge!  The title and subtitle are Cricut cuts as well (of course!)

Die-Cuts with Cricut

Cricut scrapbooking

Cute snowflakes topped with rhinestones make this winter layout.

Cricut Scrapping

To make the blue background “flower” and big circle I used my Accent Essential cartridge, which I find myself using over and over and over….

Center Point

cricut cartridges

Here was my first attempt with the “new to me” feature, Center Point.  I simply found these circle designs, measured how much of them I wanted cut, programed that in for my size, them put the blade over the middle of the circle.  Press the Center Point button and your off!  Of course, the title came from Don Juan, again!

Digital Vs. Traditional Scrapbooking

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Digital Vs. Traditional Scrapbooking

Although I think I will always be a traditional scrapbooker, I have dabbled in the digital world.  The program I am most familiar with is Creative Memories Story Book Creator Plus.  For Christmas last year I really wanted to make an album for my parents of the highlights of Wyatt’s first two years of life.  The more I thought about it, the more I thought I should make one for the other set of grandparents too.  The thought of making TWO albums by Christmas time haunted me and I procrastinated and never got started.

I started looking into digital scrapbooking and found that there are many products out there, some of them very easy to use.  I opted to use the Storybook Creator because I liked the options and the finished product looked like pages I would scrapbook traditionally.  I downloaded my pictures to the software, downloaded some free templates, and bought some templates and I was off.  The entire project took me probably a total of 10-12 hours on my computer over the course of 2 and 1/2 weeks.  Once I was done, I ordered a copy for my parents, my in-laws, Wyatt’s god parents, and both great-grandmas.  I now had a big chunk of my Christmas shopping done.  What a relief!

Everyone really enjoyed there albums and I am planning on doing the same next year for gifts – maybe just for the grandparents this time.  Now they have something to show friends and family when they ask for pictures of their grandchild.

Digital scrapbooking is a great alternative to the traditional scrapbooking world, especially if you are just starting out and don’t have all the thousands of dollars of products it can take to scrap.  I have often heard people comment that they “aren’t creative enough to scrapbook.”  I can tell you-that is not usually the case.  One of my best girlfriends was not a scrapper until she had her first baby.  She would look though my books and say, “I could never do this! Don’t even try to talk me into it.”  Well, of course, I did, and she is as addicted as I am. Her product collection is growing at a rapid rate.

There are many digital products out there, some online, some require the purchase of a disc and templates.  All of them provide an alternative to “cut and paste” scrapbooking that could be just what many are looking for.